Tired of suffering through the hot and humid weather of summer? North Central Electric Cooperative can help you beat the heat and stay cool! We sell new systems and have trained personnel on staff to install new systems and troubleshoot existing systems. The cooperative will even help finance your air conditioning system. Read more below about each system and to learn what your cooperative offers!

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems are installed in existing forced air heating systems. The central air system works to remove heat from your home, and at the same time lowers humidity levels, leaving you cool and comfortable. Today's models are very energy-efficient, saving you money while keeping you cool.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work the same as central air conditioners while in the cooling mode. However, a heat pump will also work to provide you some of your heating needs. Because heat pumps are so efficient, you save money on your heating bills while using a heat pump. Heat pumps provide you an added benefit by both cooling and heating your home.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners have become very popular with cooperative members. These units are installed in homes without ductwork. A blower cabiner is installed near the top of a wall in the home, delivering you cool comfort.


The cooperative will finance your air conditioning installation done by the cooperative with a 6% interest loan. You can borrow up to $3,000. You simply repay the loan on your monthly electric bill.

How Do I Learn More?

If you are interested in central air conditioning, contact North Central Electric Cooperative! Don't wait until the middle of summer, because there is usually a big demand for air conditioning systems. Don't suffer through the hot summer days and muggy nights any longer! The cooperative will give you a free estimate for a central air conditioning system.